Paypal Fee Calculator Australia

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Wondering how much those PayPal fees will add up to? Look no further! This guide will introduce you to the handy PayPal fee calculator for Australia, helping you estimate the exact costs associated with your transactions. Whether you're a casual user or a business owner, this tool will ensure you're well-informed about the fees before you hit send or receive.

These are the types of fee charge by PayPal:

Domestic Transactions

  • Online Payments: Suitable for standard online purchases.
  • Website Payment: Ideal for transactions made directly on a website.
  • Invoices: Used for sending invoices to clients or customers.
  • PayPal Here Card Reader: Utilized for in-person card payments using PayPal's card reader.
  • PayPal Here - Manual Entry: Allows manual entry of payment details for in-person transactions.
  • Virtual Terminal: Designed for phone or mail orders where the card isn't present.
  • Donations: Specifically for collecting donations.

International Transactions

  • Online Payments: Similar to domestic online payments but for international transactions.
  • Website Payment: International version of website payments.
  • Invoices: International invoicing.
  • PayPal Here Card Reader: Card reader transactions with international cards.
  • PayPal Here - Manual Entry: Manual entry of international transactions.
  • Virtual Terminal: International virtual terminal transactions.
  • Donations: Collecting international donations.


Q: Are there any fees for opening a PayPal account in Australia?

A: No, opening a PayPal account and downloading the app is completely free in Australia.

Q: How much are the typical PayPal fees in Australia?

A: Here's a quick breakdown:

  • Sending money internationally: 5% fee (with a minimum and maximum) + potential currency conversion fee.
  • Receiving payments as a seller: 2.6% to 3.6% + $0.49 fixed fee (depending on transaction type).
  • Currency conversion: 3.0% fee.

Q: Is there a way to avoid PayPal fees?

A: Partially. Sending money domestically using your linked bank account or PayPal balance is free. However, international transactions and other services will likely incur fees. Consider alternative money transfer services for frequent international transactions, as they might offer lower fees.

Q: Where can I find the latest information on PayPal fees in Australia?

A: The official PayPal website has a dedicated page outlining their fees for Australian users: PayPal Fees for Customers | PayPal AU